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2017-04-14 09:19 am

Christian Reader community

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to say that I have a DW version of [community profile] christianreader, so please join so we can continue with the book lists, etc! I just need to figure out how to import the LJ posts.

ETA:, apparently I already did import. I just need to add the recent stuff. Wow, I do NOT remember that.
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2013-05-16 12:02 pm

LJ is down? Surprising!

Just curious if any of you are able to access your LJ. I am not, though I'm on cluster 10.
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2011-07-28 07:32 am
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These are public for now.

I wish DW wouldn't run so slow right now! :/ It's making my friends not want to join.

I have MANY questions about DW, but here are just a few that I can think of at the moment. Chime in if you know the answer...

1. Is there a client that lets you post outside of the web page?
2. Are there ads here? My blocker is on, so I don't know if I'm missing any. Just curious.
3. How can I look up someone by username? It has a lookup box and doesn't list that as an option! Craziness! I've had to just go directly to my guess as to what the name might be to see if someone has an account.
4. Those of you crossposting, do you mean you've been posting to DW and having it auto-crosspost to LJ? Or vise versa? Or are you doing it manually?

Okay I have to go to work.
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2011-07-27 06:45 pm
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There were two deer on campus today, and I got lots of photos! I'll probably post more in my blog later, so here's just one for now.

[I'm going to manually crosspost some of my LJ entries to DW while there are all these LJ problems, so you can go see them there. I see there's a way to automatically crosspost, but I heard it's not currently working due to all the LJ problems. I have much to learn about DW (like whether it's actually referred to as DW), so feel free to educate me.]
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2011-07-27 09:19 am


Greetings, no one. LJ is being dumb so that prompted me to check out Dreamwidth. Apparently I have set up two accounts here over the past couple of years, but we might as well stick with this since it's the same name as my LJ. Greengate is the other account I have with DW.

So, apparently you can cross-post your LJ entries to show up here? I should really start doing that. And import, if that works. Obviously I'll try later when things on LJ have calmed down.

Now let's see who all I can find around here!